I am in a rough spot, for the past 10 years I was working at a Walgreens even when I started my llc in 2014 for my Christian movie production company. Since, I was stuck at the retail grind only able to make a movie when I had enough pto time to do a short film. Well, since then I have two short films as a Director/Producer/Writer (or co-writer) and a feature film as a fundraising executive producer. Been trying to make a feature of my own as Director/Producer (eventually writer as well) for sometime. I think this year has opened up for that by getting me out of the retail job but the way that happened... In November 2021 I got my gallbladder removed which led to me working with pain until early January 2022 when I took time off to find out why I was having pain still. Turned out it was a hernia and had that fixed with hernia mesh in February 2022 though it didn't exactly fix it. It's now almost June and I have the pain still and have a ct scan coming up. Anyway, I been raising funds to help pay rent and bills plus raising funds for a new movie production. If there is any chance someone might be able to help in anyway please message me. Thanks.