I'm in a major bind. I been trying my best to be able to have filmmaking be my full time job but it has been rough. I worked in retail full time for the over ten years until I was going through abdominal pain after gallbladder removal surgery and it took awhile to find out it was a hernia, so had surgery for it and that was in February, here it is July and I am still having abdominal pain and recurrent hernia has been ruled out. I haven't had income since April cause temporary disability refused to extend it cause the surgeon wouldn't do anything. I'm about to rule out anything GI with an endoscopy later this month and if that comes up as nothing, I'm getting into physical therapy cause it has to be the muscles tightened up around the mesh. Maybe I should also look into the hernia mesh lawsuits. I don't know. But haven't had any income coming in since April and I have had to do some fundraisers to pay rent and bills. If anyone is willing to help possibly, please click here: https://gofund.me/321ad797